Sponsored by: SpyCloud

Understanding the Enemy – An Inside Look at Black Friday Dark Web Activity

Breakout September 29, 2021 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

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Pattie Dillon
Olivia Fryt

Retailers aren’t the only ones offering deals for Black Friday; cybercriminals also get in on the action. Every year, researchers from SpyCloud scrape data from popular underground online selling platforms and find huge spikes in stolen account credentials and gift cards being bought and sold in the days before and after Black Friday. These observed patterns shed light on what you’re up against every holiday season: loss of product, chargebacks, refunds, brand damage, and ultimately loss of customers.


This session provides an inside look at the latest fraud schemes impacting the industry, including recordings of fraudulent transactions from the bad actor perspective and of how malware works on both the attacker and victim’s side. We’ll share our latest observations so you can be prepared for Black Friday and suggest changes to your fraud monitoring algorithms as a result of criminal underground trends we’re seeing.

Participants attending this session will:

  • Hear about recent trends in retail and hospitality credentials for sale on the dark web, including price and transaction volume
  • See how malware allows criminals to bypass the authentication process
  • Learn what merchants can do to combat fraud tactics
  • Explore examples of customer outreach strategies, authentication procedures, and tips for fraud monitoring and risk indicators for customer breach exposure

Sponsored by: SpyCloud