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The Adversarial Mindset: Techniques, Prevention and Best Practices

Breakout September 29, 2021 1:05 pm - 1:35 pm

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Nick Harrahill
Jeremiah Roe

Nick Harahill, vice president of global operations, and Jeremiah Roe, solutions architect and red team expert, will use the kill chain model to dive deep into exploits uncovered on retail and e-commerce assets from an attacker’s perspective. Taking real-life scenarios from eCommerce and retail customers, they will share lessons learned from implementing a crowdsourced security testing platform to combat these attacks and uncover vulnerabilities over time. Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the adversarial mindset and ways to apply an intelligence-driven defense model to detect and prevent intrusions. Nick and Jeremiah will also provide an overview of penetration testing for retail and eCommerce organizations, sharing best practices around pen testing and how a continuous, crowdsourced approach to testing identifies the ways in which an attacker may attempt to exploit your network – on demand, before it actually happens.

Sponsored by: Synack