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Former FBI Agent Discusses Gift Card Attacks

Breakout Session September 21, 2022 10:00 am - 10:45 am

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Dan Woods

Competing for customer loyalty in a digital world is tough. To add to this challenge, gift card cracking has become one of the most pervasive challenges in the retail industry. As a result, security teams must think differently to defend the business from motivated adversaries who have evolved their tactics to bypass traditional defenses and evade detection.

During this session, we will walk through a case study on how attackers used brute force to check millions of gift card number variations to identify card numbers to determine if they had positive balance. We’ll also review tactics the adversary used to spend the money or sell the gift card before the legitimate customer had a chance to use it.

You will learn:

  • Different types of gift card fraud tactics
  • How to eliminate account hijacking and save tens of millions of dollars
  • How to protect your business from both malicious bots and manual attacks
  • How to defeat attackers without introducing friction for real users
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