Understanding Supply Chain Threats from the CTI Perspective

Breakout Session September 20, 2022 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

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Christina Azene
Olga Jacobs

Supply chain threats have continued to occur with regular frequency in the past few years and can cause catastrophic domino effects on the tourism industry, as global travel attempts to ramp up in the wake of pandemic-related restrictions.  In most instances, supply chain attacks enable subsequent offensive operations against hundreds, if not thousands, of victims.  Advanced state-affiliated groups and cyber-criminal gangs have demonstrated capabilities to execute supply chain attacks against myriad companies and software assets, leaving the retail/hospitality industry susceptible to compromise as enterprise networks often require the use of externally-developed software and hardware.  In this breakout session, we will share findings on threat actors’ growing sophistication to dissect, identify, and execute operations against vulnerable midpoint software solutions and technologies, and discuss how leveraging CTI can help security teams make informed decisions, vet products, and identify trends.

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