Closed-Door CISO Session

Breakout Session September 21, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Audience: CISOs Only

This extended breakout session will cover a series of discussion topics including:

  • Tools Efficiency/Optimization – In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from peers who have gone with a best-in-breed strategy and others who have gone “all in” with a particular solution provider. Hear the pros and cons of each and come prepared to discuss.
  • Rethinking IR in the Cloud – As you digitally transform, have you considered how your IR plan needs to adapt? The panel will discuss not only the technological issues to be considered, but also governance issues, such as which providers’ SLA takes precedence.
  • Supply Chain Security – Supply chain security remains a critical issue for CISOs as many aspects of the security of services, hardware, and software purchased by organizations is out of their direct control.
  • Talent/Diversity in the Pipeline/Retention – Salary inflation. Diversifying your pipeline. How do you create a forward-looking plan for your workforce that not only aligns to the business and your strategic priorities, but also helps with recruitment, retention, and development?


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