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Looking Through the Eyes of an Attacker: Targeting Active Directory in the Retail Industry

Breakout September 28, 2021 12:05 pm - 12:35 pm

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Dave Estlick
Tony Cole

Active Directory (AD) is a primary source of entry for attackers. The reason? It’s an easy target. AD is widely used in retail organizations, and most often regarded as operational infrastructure rather than a gateway to high-value assets and data that requires security measures such as cyber-hygiene and attention to configuration mishaps.

Grab a seat for an in-depth fireside chat between Dave Estlick, CISO at Chipotle, and Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks, as they:

  • Dig deep into the mind of an attacker and why they target AD
  • Share perspectives and observations about real-world use cases
  • Offer simple steps for protecting your environment

Sponsored by: Attivo Networks