Advancing Threat Intel Automation with RH-ISACs MISP & PyOTI

Breakout September 28, 2021 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm

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JJ Josing
Bradley Logan

Leveraging open-source threat intel automation helps cybersecurity teams to improve analysis, enrichment, and enhance overall capabilities without breaking the bank. RH-ISAC’s intelligence team is working hard so that you don’t have to! Come learn about our MISP initiative, a recently launched, Python-based, threat intel automation tool, PyOTI, and how these tools will interact. Topics include RH-ISAC’s cloud-based MISP architecture, how to gain access, and best practices for use, along with how PyOTI strengthens your experience using a custom tagging taxonomy that will enhance context and confidence of vetted indicators within MISP. Want to hear more? Stick around for Day 2 of the Summit, where Brad and JJ host an open forum discussion on MISP and PyOTI.